Past Crumbs

Several months each year we volunteer for the Mobile Missionary Assistance Program (MMAP).
Inside of MMAP Brochure
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January & February, 2013 

The picture above shows some of the buildings at the Oaks Camp where we worked in February.

The highlight of our January was a visit to UC San Diego to see (granddaughter) Meagan who is a student there.  It was a special time because we were able to be there for a rare home tournament and got to see her play volleyball. We also met her very nice roommates and saw her apartment.  Meagan is a sophmore and easily one of the best players on the team.

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Group at The Oaks

In February we did a MMAP project at The Oaks Christian Camp at Lake Hughes, CA, west of Palmdale.  We worked with 3 other couples.  The men redecorated four bathouses and the women did a lot of sewing.  Pictured at right are the: Oliveria's, Harrington's, Stoltz's and Fawrup's.

Old cabinet tops

Included in the work the men did on the bathhouses was replacing the counter tops.  This is what they looked like before they started.  Click the picture to see the after picture

West side of campus

The Oaks camp covers a lot of area.  The west half contained buildings for office, dining, meeting rooms and guest lodging as seen in the picture right.

Snow on the bales

 We were at 3500 feet and got about 5 inches of snow two different times, but it was always gone before the next day.

My mom on her 101st birthday

My mom had her 101 birthday on February 27.  She was recovering from surgery, over medicated and nausated so she didn't want to celebrate.  I decided to fly to Minnesota at the last minute, not to celebrate but to help her recover. Which was accomplished thanks to all the people who were lifting us up in prayer.

Irene performing at The Loft
My sister, Irene who performed in New York for a number of years and now lives in a very small town in Minnesota, has a new gig.  She plays the piano and sings at The Loft in Ely on Friday and Saturday nights.  The loft is upstairs of a local restaurant and serves beer, wine, desserts, coffees etc while she performs. I was able to go and hear her perform a couple of times while I was there.  If  you'd like to hear a sample click here