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Cheve & SeahawkThis page is for you, the family and friends of B J and Jim, so you can follow our travels. We hope to update it at the end of every month, so visit often at our new domain BJandJim.com and  write us with all your news! We would love to hear from you.

November & December Crumbs

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Ray & Marlene Jordan

We arrived in Florida on November 3 and spent the first night with the Rousseau's. Dave and Roberta are former MMAPers and very gracious hosts. They live near Jennings just over the Florida/Georgia state line. Later in the month we had lunch with Ray and Marlene Jordan (at right) who are fixing up a winter home in Lakeland, FL. They too are MMAPers who have gone associate.  Tap the picture to see a picture of the Rousseau's

hot air baloon

We stayed for two weeks at the Thousand Trails Park near Orlando. While we were at the Orlando park I saw hot air balloons on my walk most mornings. I walk with ear buds in my ears and about jumped out of my skin when I glanced up one morning and discovered a balloon almost on top of me.  I could almost feel it's hot breath on the back of my neck.  Once I removed the ear buds it certainly sounded like hot breath as they tried to climb clear of the trees.

dancing sand cranes

Also at the Orlando park I finally cornered a couple of Sand Cranes to get a picture. While I was trying to focus the camera I talked to them, urging them to pose for me. They had a short burbling conversation and then proceeded to do a little dance for me. The one on the left reminds me of that famous picture of Marlyn Monroe.

Harold Leiting sanding floor

After two weeks we moved to the Thousand Trails Park about 90 miles south. We had Thanksgiving with the Gardiners in Naples and I was so busy having a good time I forgot to take pictures. Right after Thanksgiving we left for Bonifay,about 400 miles northwest in the Panhandle, where we worked on a MMAP project. The men renovated several rooms on the top floor of Palmer House.  At left is Harold Leiting sanding the floor. Harold is in his 80's and still works circles around everyone else.


ladies on a swing

The MMAP ladies didn't have much work to do on this project, but we did enjoy a Ladies Day Out in Dothan, AL. We had lunch at Mildred's Tea Room, a big old house with a spacious front porch, which was nicely decorated for Christmas. The group managed to finish three weeks of work by December 15 so everyone would have time for Christmas Celebrations. Pictured on the porch at Mildred's are B J, Lois Newman, Nancy Stall and Donna Griffin.


We knew Bob and Nancy Harter would be at Peace River and had planned to spend the holidays with them, but were surprised to discover Dave and Sandy Fall, whom we'd never met (also MMAPers) parked just across the street. We went to church three times and out to dinner twice celebrating Christmas and New years together and had a great time. It's such a blessing to have “family” everywhere you go. Oh, the turtle! Well click on the picture and I'll tell you about it.

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