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Cheve & SeahawkThis page is for you, the family and friends of B J and Jim, so you can follow our travels. We hope to update it at the end of every month, so visit often at our new domain BJandJim.com and  write us with all your news! We would love to hear from you.

January Crumbs

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Palm tree with Christmas lights

Our Christmas Tree in December was a Palm.  No wonder I can't remember what month it is. This winter  has been warmer than a Minnesota summer. I'm not complaining.

condo interior

Early in January, while we were staying at Thousand Trails Orlando, our friends from Las Vegas flew to Orlando and rented a condo about 5 miles from our park.  They were able to rent this spacious 3 bedroom condo in a resort for about what it usually costs for a hotel room.

Jim, Judi and Jerry

We spent a lot of time playing pinochle, but did manage to get out a little. We drove to Datona Beach and shopped at the Datona Flea and Farmer's Market.  We bought neither flea nor farmer, but did pick up some nice fresh vegetables.  It's always interesting to see the stuff that's available, but I always wonder who buys some of it. My therory is that people give it as gifts. We came home via Coco Beach where we walked the beach and went out to dinner.

Sunrise over the lake

I saw the most beautiful sunrises on my walks while we were parked near Orlando.  This is just one of many.


B J, Saron, Dorothy, Burt and Jerry

About mid-month we moved south to the TT Park at Wauchula where we visited with the Tuttles from Avon Park and drove to Punta Gorda to have lunch with my old friends from grade school.

MMAPers at Homer's

The last Friday of every month the retired MMAPers from central Florida have lunch at Homer's in Sebring.  We were able to join them again in January.

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Several months each year we volunteer for the Mobile Missionary Assistance Program.

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