Past Crumbs

Several months each year we volunteer for the Mobile Missionary Assistance Program (MMAP).
Inside of MMAP Brochure
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March & April, 2012

The picture above shows you where we are now in Minnesota.  The pictures below show where we have been.  Don't miss the Wilderness Ridge slide show at the end.  

Barb & Janet

My cousin, Janet, lives south of Houston.  Her daughter, Sheryl and husband, Mike, invited Janet, Jim, myself and some neighbors over for a delicious, very authentic, St Patrick's Day dinner.  Pictured at left are Barb and Janet. Be sure to click on all the pictures to see more.

Ashley Taylor

In April we worked at Wilderness Ridge Camp near Smithville, TX.  You may remember the Bastrop Fire in 2011.  The camp was right in it's path.  We parked our RVs at the camp, but worked at a leased camp 2 miles down the road where the guys built a shower house. The camp plans to house campers at the leased site for a few years while the original camp recovers.  First task was putting on the roof. At right is Ashley Taylor who was right on top of the job.

B J Painting signs

The MMAP ladies helped with some painting and cleaning to get the leased camp ready to open June 1. At left is B J painting the background on what would become the new signs for the camp.

JIm, Ashley Taylor and Harry Holcomb

The men were glad to get the roof on so they could work in the shade.  It was warm and the humidity was high.  After the roof they built stalls, doors and outside steps.  At right Jim, Ashley Taylor and Harry Holcomb work on the stalls.

Barb & Gayle

We left Texas on May 3 after a shredded tire prompted the replacement of all 4 trailer tires and the need to have the brakes redone. We stopped south of Kansas City to have lunch with my cousin Gayle. Good thing we allowed plenty of time, it was hard to leave.  Thanks Jim, for putting up with us.

Jeannie, Reenie & Lesley

We spent an extra night in a County park in Iowa to wait out the storms in Minnesota.  The park was empty except for us and a bunch of squirrels who lived next door.

Jeannie, Reenie & Lesley

We arrived in Minnesota in time for Mother's Day.  I knew that my gift was a trip north to see my mother.  What I didn't know was that my daughters had cooked up another surprise.  My younger daughter flew in from California and I didn't have a clue until she popped out from behind a post at the airport.  I actually believed we were there to pick up a package.  

Pictured at left are: Jeannie, my daughter who lives in southern Minnesota; Irene, my sister who lives in northern Minnesota; and Lesley, the surprise from California.

Many of you heard about the Bastrop fire, or worked at the project at Smithville, TX.  We worked at Wilderness Ridge Camp in 2007 and then again after the fire in April.  I dug out my old pictures and put together a Before & After slide show. If you have a picture of the chapel before it burned, and have Picasa on your computer, you could add it to the slide show. 

Click on the picture at right, and then click on slide show in the upper left corner to view the pictures.