Past Crumbs

Several months each year we volunteer for the Mobile Missionary Assistance Program (MMAP).
Inside of MMAP Brochure
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August thru December, 2012 

The picture above shows the hotel at Arrowhead Springs where we worked in December

We spent the summer in Minnesota. While we were there the Dakota County Chautauqua was presented again after several years absence mostly due to my niece, Jennifer, who not only performed in it but also produced it.  In years past the songs and skits had concetrated on the history of Dakota County.  I think they ran out of history because this year it was expanded to include the history of all of Minnesota.  All the music was original, written especially for the Chautauqua. Here Jennifer sings about Canned Spam and how it originated in Austin, MN.

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We left Minnesota to head south in September and on our way were able to stop and see my cousin Judy in Crete, Nebraska.  We attended church together, went out for lunch and enjoyed an afternoon sharing family pictures and memories.

Lesley's new house

We had another miracle in October, well, a couple really.  First of all we arrived at Lesley's house just in time to help her move into a house about half the size.  Her house sold before she even got it on the market (I guess that was a miracle too).  The second miracle was that her new house, small as it is, has room for us to park the RV.  In fact we even had our choice of where we wanted to put it.

Jim, BJ, Jerry, Mary Ellen, Tru, Barb, Doug & Celia

In November we did a MMAP project at Camp Maranatha in Idyllwild, CA. Click on the picture at right to see more of this handsome group of MMAPers.

BJ, Jim, Larry, Gerry, Margaret, Mary Ann

You never know where you are going to run into treasured MMAPer friends.  We were delighted when we discovered that the Bernauer's and the Krebill's were going to be in Las Vegas at the same time we were. 

Arrowhead Springs Hotel

MMAPers usually don't work in luxurious surroundings so our December MMAP project was very unique.  We worked at the former International Headquarters for Campus Crusade, which has moved to Florida.  The place was once a luxury hotel, frequented by movie stars in the 20s and 30s and still retains a lot of that flavor.  If you look closely you can see steam rising around the hotel in the picture.  Hot springs on the property were used for medicinal purposes and are still a valuable asset. The hotel lost popularity after it became possible to drive to Las Vegas and fly to Honolulu. 

Clara picking up palm branches
MMAPers installed security lights and did a lot of landscape maintenance. In the picture at left Clara Kearn picks up palm branches. Campus Crusade is attempting to sell the property and therefore is no longer doing improvements, For that reason ours may have been the last MMAP project there.


MMAP Christmas Party

If you're a MMAPerr and you've never been to the MMAP Christmas party it's worth the drive.  Lots of good food and great fellowship. Sometimes we MMAPers work together and then don't see one another for years.  Parties and R&Rs help to keep us a close-knit organization.

In the picture at left things are winding down and the food is almost all gone, but the fellowship goes on. 

Carols on TV

We were very blessed to be invited to spend the Holidays with our friends Judi and Jerry Steffis and their friends and family. We sang  Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve and thanks to 12-year-old Mia we learned a new way to do it.  Using YouTube on the I-Pad and the TV as a monitor we not only had the words but a video to watch as well.